• Everyone recognizes that the twenty first century is the “Century of Knowledge” . Nations which have mastered the production of Knowledge, its conversion into wealth and social good and its protection, have assumed a leadership position in the world today. Education can play a great role in the development of the Country.

    The coming generations are given enough educational facilities by A Nagore RKR TRUST. It encourages the students by giving concession for their Matriculation Higher Sec studies. The Students, who scored Good Marks are given ample opportunities to proceed their Higher studies in RKR Hr. Sec. School , RKR Grks Matric. Hr. Sec. School and RKR GNANODHAYA Matric. Hr. Sec. School

    More over the trust also encourages from LKG to X Std, above 1000 students who showcased their talents both in academic and extra curricular activities by giving free education.

    Our Trust creates a whole new generation of innovative, enterprising, creative and concerned citizens. Taking the right measures now, can change everything. Providing the necessary facilities now, can make a lot of changes for our future.