• Separate hostel for boys and girls.
    • Spacious airy rooms.
    • 24 hrs Mineral plant for drinking purpose.
    • Hot water plant for safe bathing purpose.
    • 24 Hrs medical facilities exclusively for hostlers.
    • Strictly maintained study hours both in morning and evening for the progress of students.
    • Highly hygienic and healthy food is supplied.
    • Transport facility for girls to their hostel.
    • • Provisional admission will be given in the hostel based on academic performance.
      • Admission form for hostel accommodation has to be endorsed by the Principal.
      • Admission shall be sought afresh in every Academic session. A student may be refused admission without conveying any reason..

      • Room Allotment

        • No student can claim admission as a right. All rights of admission to hostel are reserved with the principal.
        • Rooms will be allotted by the Warden according to the plan prepared by the Principal / Warden (s) in the beginning of the session.
        • Institute reserves the right to move any hostel resident from one room to another if the need arises.
        • Costly Items:
        • • Parents should never send or leave costly items like jewels, Cameras, walk man, CD Player, Mobile phones etc.
          • Possessing any of these items and cash is against the rules of the School. .
          • Possessing cell phone is a serious violation of School rules. .
          • Please do not lend your mobile phone to Children. .
            Returning from long weekends
          • • Parents shall please bring their children before 5.00 p.m. on Sunday after the long week end.
            They can plan their travel plan accordingly.
            • Parents can meet the teachers after long weekends in the Visitors Hall.
            • Monday morning arrival after long week end will not be entertained.
            • Please avoid asking leave before and after long weekends.
          • Issues Related to Parents/ Relatives/Visitors
          • • Parents/Guardians should give an undertaking to cooperate with the Hostel authorities and should be available on call as and when required and disclose all contact details.
            • Parents/Visitors are advised not to insist on entry beyond the designated area or visiting room as it shall disturb other students.