Designation: Headmaster
Experience:16 years
  • • I feel it is important for every child to enjoy a sense of achievement. Every child should be encouraged to perform to the fullest ability and due importance should be given to learning in areas beyond academics.

    • Education is the partnership between school, parents ,management and community. Success will be achieved whenever we all work together as a team. Education is the most powerful weapon which we can use to change the world.

    • Every student is unique for education. Effective teacher creates opportunities to the students in the real life situations. We take great pride in our school we want our students to be proud of their school and take a pride in various aspects of their development. The students are expected to enhance the reputation of the school by the way of behaviour in the society.

    • It is said that success comes to those who work hard and stay with those who don't rest on the laurels of past. The school is committed to provide a digital intellectual, social , moral, spiritual and physical environment to stimulate the students to bring out their potential for academic and overall development.

    • My heartful thanks to the management for the year visionary support at every moment. My words are not capable to express my deep sense of gratitude to parents and students for their website in RKR family. At last I would like to convey heartfelt congratulations to my staff for their constant support.

    • Let us commit ourselves to pave the path for a promising generation.


  • ⦁ Produced centums in mathematics in every academic year.

    ⦁ Best Teacher Award in 2013 at APS Academy

    ⦁ Best Academician Award in 2017 at Sri Subramanya College of Engineering and technology

    ⦁ Outstanding Teacher Award in 2019 at Sri Shakthi Institute of Engineering and technology

    ⦁ Best Leader Award in 2021 at KPR Institute of Engineering and technology.