Designation: PRINCIPAL
Experience:10 years
  • • RKR GURUVIDYA has been diligently serving the educational needs of students in a green environment. We are widely regarded for our high academic achievements along with the strong learning dispositions our students, who aspire to improve and develop through inquiry based, multi model, real life and innovative activities. As confident collaborators and global communicators, our students proudly uphold our school values of respect, success and creativity.

    • Our caring staff, in partnership with our families are committed in providing the best possible individualized educational experiences ensuring all students to reach their full potential as dynamic global citizens. We collaborate closely with students to focus on high impact strategies that accelerate learning improvement and differentiate for individual needs.

    • Honest and precise feedback is continuously provided to enable personal goals to be achieved and future learning to be co-designed.We have a strong focus on literacy, numeracy and digital learning technologies across the curriculum.

    • Our student voice “Innovation” team collaborate with their educators, Governing Council and the community to help fulfill the needs of all students. The majority of our students confidently engage in extra curricular activities such as sport both locally and even up to a state level. Students may also choose to pursue opportunities beyond our school to showcase their creativity as inspiring performers.

    • As we build strong foundations for academic success, student wellbeing is of the highest priority. We celebrate diversity and continued success whilst fostering a positive attitude, confidence, resilience and a growth mindset. As powerful learners, our students approach their secondary years well equipped, as they strive for intellectual stretch and remain committed to excellence in all aspects of their schooling.


  • ⦁ Active participate in English Language Teaching, Group Workshop under Macmillan Education held in the year 2016.

    ⦁ Participated in the " Child Psychology" Workshop under Rotary Club of Udumalpet during 2013.

    ⦁ The third National Convention on "Empowering India through Quality Early years Education" in 2016 received BEST COORDINATOR AWARD from Happy Tots .